What to expect from an NJPRO investigation.

Our services consist of using various forms of video, audio and photographic data gathering techniques, in combination with realtime atmospheric readings. Our team members use these techniques along side paranormal theories to conduct experiments with the intentions of capturing related activity or personal experiences on a recording device. Team members will also use varying techniques in an attempt to recreate experiences and claims in order to determine if there are alternate, non-paranormal possibilities. We will then review the data looking for anomalies or situations that support the client claims, in hopes of determining whether the experiences at the location are paranormal. At the clients request, NJPRO can provide you with any evidence we consider to be a significant catch. 


Experiences can happen anywhere, and as a result, we have extensive experience handling cases at historic sites, museums, residential homes, businesses and various public spaces.​ 

In addition to investigations, we also host and take part in different paranormal related events. NJPRO has hosted public investigations with celebrity guest investigators, haunted ghost tours and hands on experiences with using paranormal equipment. 

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